Sunday, 7 October 2012

Guest Post - The Cotton Experiment

A beautiful friend of mine who resides in sunny California, who is best known in our respective makeup circles by her alias of Roxina, recently conducted The Cotton Experiment.

Roxina posted her findings on a forum that her and I both frequent - her experiment was an absolute hit.

As such, I asked the lovely Roxina to put together a guest post for Diabolus in Cosmetica, to expand on her findings and present a full report.

Roxina delivered.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tutorial: How to depot Burberry eyeshadows

The depotting of Burberry eyeshadows has been a contentious issue since their release... Burberry Beauty fans have been divided on the issue - why should you do it?  Why would you do it?  But more importantly - HOW do I do it?

These eyeshadows are known to have a rather precarious structure, in that one wrong move and you will have sadly damaged your eyeshadow beyond salvation.  The packaging is thick, heavy and robust - with no less than two magnets inside.

But, being an avid depotter, I decided to try it for myself.