Sunday, 14 October 2012

Burberry Lip Velvet #308 Pink Azalea - review, pictures and swatches

Last week I purchased Burberry Lip Velvet in Pink Azalea, to add to my existing Lip Velvet collection that so far comprises #311 Bright Poppy and #312 Hawthorn Berry.

I am absolutely loving these new Lip Velvets.  I will be the first to admit, these lipsticks are not astounding - but I am loving them nonetheless.  Burberry have done well with the colour range - some of the Lip Velvet shades are incredible.  But matte lipsticks are a tenacious beast - whilst modern day matte formulas have come a long way since the 1990's, I do often think that matte and mind blowing will forever be contradictory terms in the lipstick realm.

Regardless, I will always love matte lipsticks.  And I do love these Lip Velvets.

Now back to Pink Azalea.  Something my readers might find amusing, is that I went to Burberry this particular day to take a look at the Lip Velvet testers my SA had finally gotten in store, with the intent of being able to try before I buy when buying my third Lip Velvet.  My SA had every shade of tester in, except for Pink Azalea.  So what did I do?  In true Bern style, I bought the one without the tester.  And thus, Pink Azalea came home with me.  I also scored the promotional gift with purchase Lip Velvet mini in #303 Antique Pink - my first Burberry mini!

Okay enough rambling peeps, onto the pictures.

Product Pictures


The Lipstick



Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight


Indirect natural light

My thoughts...

Pink Azalea is a very pretty colour, but it is verging on the 'too pink' boundaries of my personal taste.  It does have an almost vamp undertone to it which is apparent in low light.  If you love rich, medium toned pinks with a real depth to them, Pink Azalea will be right up your alley.

Pink Azalea is almost what-you-see-is-what-you-get straight from a tube - it applies a little more bright and vivid on my pale pink lips than what is seen in the tube.

The formula of Pink Azalea falls in between Hawthorn Berry and Bright Poppy.  It feels a little more dry in texture, but not quite as dry as Hawthorn Berry, when applying.  It is not as creamy feeling as Bright Poppy.

But it does wear better than Hawthorn Berry.  The colour stays more true, like with Bright Poppy.

Pink Azalea wears off more evenly than Hawthorn Berry.

Pink Azalea wasn't as forgiving with application straight from the bullet, unlike Bright Poppy.  I needed a lip brush to get clean lines, especially around my cupids bow (the pointy, asymmetrical little sucker it is).

There was some transfer of colour during eating and drinking.

As with the other two Lip Velvet shades I have, Pink Azalea does require touching up.  Wear time was pretty much the same as for Bright Poppy and Hawthorn Berry - after eight hours of wear, it was mostly gone (during my lipstick trial day, with no touch ups).

Overall, I do like Pink Azalea.  It is a lovely lipstick.  But Bright Poppy is still the standout shade in the Lip Velvet range thus far with regards to the formula, texture, application and colour.

On a side note, as I mentioned in my post 'A quick look at the new Burberry Lip Velvets', the colour worn by Cara Delevingne in the Lip Velvet promotional campaign is Pink Azalea worn over Bright Plum lip pencil.  I can say that Pink Azalea worn on its own, on me, does not resemble the colour seen on Cara (and my colouring is similar enough to hers).  However, I will have Bright Plum Lip Pencil in my possession soon, and plan on trying out the combination of the two to see if I can recreate a colour resembling that seen on Cara.

If you are a matte lipstick aficionado, take a look at the Burberry Lip Velvets - but keep an open mind.  You won't be blown away by them, but like me, you might find they still earn a special little place in your lipstick loving heart.

Thanks for reading!

Bern x


  1. Oh Bern, why are you so clever? I have niggles with the YSL glossy stain formula but somehow, as you say, they just earned a place in my heart. I have grave misgivings about my bank account meeting these Velvets.

    1. Thank you, dear Kate! I shall give credit where credit is due - you have been a major influence and inspiration to lil' ol' me <3
      I have my first Glossy Stain coming to me shortly - #1. This will be new territory for me... eek!
      As far as the Lip Velvets go, I see you in Bright Poppy. In all honesty, I think many of the shades, as pretty as some of them are, may leave you a little underwhelmed - knowing you the way I do!
      But definitely look at Bright Poppy - and when it is finally released, Siren Red. Military Red is nice - but you might find it a little generic, as I did. Honey Suckle is a standout shade - but I fear it won't suit many - it is a little 'awkward'.
      Please let me know what you think when you get around to meeting the Velvets! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Lovely detailed review, Bern! And beautiful swatches. :( I am so terribly tempted, (and that divine ad image!) but my lips do not get on well with Burberry for some reason. Regular lip covers dry out my lips and make them peel. I'm going to go into the corner and stew now. Harumph!

    1. Thank you Belly dear :*
      I'm trying to improve my swatches, so if you have any CC, please email me!!
      Shame that your lips do not like Burberry. I am reading a lot lately about different lip formulas exacerbating dryness on some peeps - coupled with peeling - makes me curious. I think this may be a future research project for me.
      It is difficult for me to relate - even though I am pale and rosacean, I'm seemingly not sensitive to anything (except chemical SS, and of course product over-use).
      What about the new YSL mattes Belly? Have you tried those?

    2. I don't mind scented things in general, but really don't like YSL scented lips. (WOW! Who knew I was a crazy, high-maintenance freak!?) Thanks for the recommendation though.

      Maybe I'll foray into the liquid lips that are out there, though. I'm having luck with the Shis. Love those.

    3. I received my first YSL today, so here's hoping it works on me!
      As for the Shi - I haven't tried these yet - you reminded me, I must!
      Thanks Belly!

  3. Ok now I'm confused, I thought I would go for 311 or 310 but now..308 seems great as well! Maybe 2 shades will come back with me after all ;-)

    1. 311 Bright Poppy is definitely the stand out shade, in my opinion of course!
      Though Pink Azalea is truly lovely :)
      Please report back and let me know what you end up purchasing!

  4. Ohhhh Bern, you alwasy do such beautiful detailed reviews and swatches, you tempt me with everything I don't need and can't afford :)
    I'm going to London in January for a girlie weekend, I'll wait until then and get to counter and swatch everything before I make my first Burberry purchase.
    Thanks again for a brilliant review xxx

    1. I am so sorry for being a lemming creator!!!
      So many pretties, not enough money - I totally understand!!
      Keep me posted - girlie weekend in London sounds incredible! Wish I could come too!
      Do let me know how you fare at the Burberry counter, and let me know what you think of the range. It is a small range, so won't take you long to pick out the hits and misses :)

  5. Oh, wow, this one is absolutely gorgeous! I only have one Burberry lipstick, but with your pictures you've made me want another one! :D

    1. It's the lovely laitae!! :D
      Thank you for following my blog!
      The Lip Velvets are pretty good - how do your lips fare with the Burberry lipstick you already have? (and what colour do you have?)
      You should definitely look at more ;)