Friday, 14 September 2012

Illamasqua - my first visit

After posting about Illamasqua's new prices this week, I decided to visit my local Illamasqua counter at Myer, Chadstone.  I booked in to see the counter manager, Janelle, for a makeup session ($50 - redeemable with purchase) on Thursday, September 13.

I have a few Illamasqua products (purchased online), but I had never before taken the time to properly explore and get to know the brand.

So I went and explored.... and Illamasqua did not disappoint.
Janelle was amazing - she spent a lot of time with me, showing me through the range, and explaining the ethos of Illamasqua.  I was most impressed by their commitment to their customers, and how they utilise word of mouth via their customers to get the Illamasqua name out there, as opposed to the typical marketing campaigns employed by cosmetics companies.

Janelle also did a few different makeup looks on me that were totally out of my comfort zone - one incorporating the colours from the Fundamental palette (mint green, violet, yellow) from the Human Fundamentalism campaign earlier this year - and another using the new Empower palette from the new Generation Q campaign.  I was completely blown away by the looks she did!

I left Illamasqua a very happy customer - I purchased Aurora Gleam, Pristine Lipstick, Ore Pure Pigment, Motto Eye Brow Cake, and Hermetic Intense Lipgloss.  Janelle also gave me some promotional material to properly introduce me to the brand.

Product Pictures

Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake in Motto - Warm Taupe

Illamasqua Lipstick in Pristine - Pure Matte Black

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Hermetic - Deep Wine Red

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Ore - Rich Russet Bronze

Ilamasqua Gleam in Aurora - Champagne

Product Swatches

Indirect light
L-R: Motto | Ore | Aurora | Hermetic | Pristine (click to enlarge)

Direct sunlight
L-R: Motto | Ore | Aurora | Hermetic | Pristine (click to enlarge)

Overall, I was very impressed with Illamasqua and left with a new found respect for the brand.

I have rebooked for another session with Janelle next week - I plan on getting the Empower palette, Furore Pure Pigment and Powder Foundation that she used on me yesterday, and trying out more products from the range.

I encourage anyone and everyone to take a look at the brand.  They have something for everyone.  If you are able to go to the counter at Myer Chadstone, ask for Janelle, and tell her Bernadette from Diabolus in Cosmetica sent you ;)

Thanks for looking!!

Bern x

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  1. OMG love the hermetic!
    I think the ore and Aurora will somehow goes well :)

    Great haul!

    I bought zygomatic creme blush on impulse last Thursday... I should say I'm not super happy about it, it looks sooo pretty on the pan, but I forgot that I'm tan and it didn't show very well on my skin. Well it did after few swipes but by then my cheek look a tad bit greasy.

    But I'm not giving up on it yet, going to try it on a lighter powder and see how it goes :D

    1. Hi lovely lollikit!!
      I am very happy with my new acquisitions :D
      Shame about Zygomatic, it is such a beautiful colour too!! Perhaps try layering it over a darker blush for more of a highlight effect? Also, check it out in sunlight before dismissing it - the colour might be great for those days where you just want some subtle colour that catches in the sun :)

    2. Hi Bern!
      I took your advice and layered blushbaby on top of zygomatic, it gave me a nice subtle of pink with some glossy touch to it :)
      The powder blush balances the gloss pretty well actually

      I went to illamasqua again yesterday and fallen in love with Betray (another cream blush). I'm also eyeing their intense liplosses, in Move (purple pink) and Temper (tangerine). they both look sooo yum... rrahhh want em all!
      Btw how long does hermetic stays on you with/without lip primer?
      And did I just read their makeover is only $50???

    3. Actually I should probably mention, it's a pain to reply a comment with iphone/ipad. It either wont let me type after 2-3minutes of writing, or wont let me type at all!
      maybe it's blogspot having issues...

    4. Blushbaby on top of Zygomatic - sounds incredible!! So happy you found a way to make it work for you!!
      Yes, it is going to be easy to get addicted to Illamasqua, I can see it... I'm already plotting many purchases for Thursday :D
      I can't speculate how long their lipglosses last on me lovely, I haven't had one on long enough to really give it a workout. Janelle used both lipstick and lipgloss on me during our session, and the combo she applied stayed put until I washed my face later that night - so at least 5 hours, but that is with a matte lipstick underneath to provide adhesion.
      And yup - makeup sessions are only $50, redeemable with purchase! Awesome I say!! Janelle was so great - she didn't try to upsell, she just took me through the line without any pressure at all. One of the best customer service experiences I have had yet!
      I shall report back on Hermetic lipgloss once I wear it on its own, as to how long it lasts.

    5. $50 wow that's like the cheapest makeover / makeup lessons I've ever heard in Australia! MAC's one was $150 (1.5 hour), napoleon $90 (1hr), inglot's around $70-90 wow!!

      I will try their makeover one day when I have some spare bucks one day (if the day ever comes, but we can dream..), I just can't stand the sales pressure / guilty purchase hahah..
      How long was the session at Illa?

      Yes pls let me know how long hermetic stays (no rush!). I drink water like goldfish at work so normal gloss wouldn't last me an hour!

    6. I thought $50 was pretty damn good too :D
      Janelle (the counter manager) actually spent extra time with me - I believe the sessions are usually around an hour, and you can gear it towards whatever direction you like - makeover, lesson, trialling new things, dramatic makeup, etc. I let Janelle just do whatever she felt like doing!
      As for the pressure, I found Illamasqua to be a no pressure set up. Janelle did not push anything on to me at all. I knew I was expected to buy $50 worth of product because of the makeup session, that was a given. But at no point did she upsell or push products on to me. I was more than impressed with her work ethic. Honestly, one of the best purchasing experiences I have ever had. Janelle told me that Illamasqua doesn't have a pushy sales technique, that is not their modus operandi at all.
      And I shall give Hermetic a good trial run this week and let you know how it goes :D

    7. How's the Thursday haul hon?
      Going to make a post about it? :D
      Oh yeah been wondering, what's the gleam for?

    8. Hi lovely!!
      Thursday's haul is AMAZING!!! Yep, I shall be posting as soon as I have time (and some good sunlight to do swatches!)
      Gleam is a beautiful cream highlighter product. You can use it over or under foundation (but not on top of powder). It adds a beautiful glow!!
      And following up on Zygomatic - Janelle told me it is more of a 'glow' blush, rather than a 'colour' blush - you can also try using this under foundation for a deeper glow (as opposed to Gleam which gives a very light reflective glow).
      She used Zygomatic on me under foundation - she applied Hollow Cream pigment to lightly contour my cheekbones, then applied Zygomatic across my cheekbones - then used a little Skin Base foundation all over, and set it with Powder Foundation. The result was very natural, beautiful glowy skin :D

    9. Oh my thanks for letting me know!!
      Definitely will try it under a foundation :D
      How glossy is gleam?
      I've been looking for some cheek highlighter but would like something that's more natural looking!

    10. I don't feel it is overly glossy, personally.
      Try it under foundation first, that will give you the most natural, subtle result.
      If you prefer something more fluid, they also make an excellent liquid Illuminators, but they are very concentrated - Aurora Gleam is much more natural.

  2. Oh wow, I'm checking Ore out as I type, it's so me, very beautiful indeed. I think I may have to have Hermetic too, the perfect Autumn shade.

    I'm so glad you had a fab time at Illamasqua, I love the brand and think it's very much overlooked.

    I can't wait to hear how you get on next week and see what you buy.

    Great and very helpful post :) xxx

    1. Thank you beautiful!!
      Ore was simply stunning!! Definitely check it out!!
      And you are right, Hermetic is a perfect shade for Fall!! (I will wear it year round myself hehe)
      As for Illamasqua - I think because Illamasqua do not employ the marketing techniques used by the major players in cosmetics, they are often overlooked - but they are getting their name out there through their customers and through bloggers. I know they are gaining support quickly since lowering their prices here in Australia.
      I too am looking forward to next weeks visit!

  3. Those are lovely purchases, Illamasqua is one of my absolute favorite brands.

    1. Thank you Emi! I am very happy with today's acquisitions :D
      Definitely a new found respect for Illamasqua after my visit - I am from here on out an Illamasqua fan!
      Do you have any favourites that I should check out??

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't it Kristi!! I absolutely adore it! Wait 'til you see swatches of the new stuff!