Thursday, 27 September 2012

Illamasqua - the follow up visit

On September 14, I wrote about my first visit to my local Illamasqua counter, and about how I was so impressed with the brand that I was going to return for another makeup session (and haul!) the following week.

Well peeps, I went back on September 20 - and yes, I hauled.

The amazing counter manager at my local Illamasqua, Janelle, took me through another makeup session.  She made up my face using products that were completely new to me, the most notable being cream based blush and contour - having always been a powder blush/contour girl, this was new territory for me.  I was most impressed with the result!

Janelle started with Illamasqua Matt Primer.  She then built up the base by contouring with Hollow Cream Pigment, and Zygomatic Cream Blusher.  This was followed with a light layer of Skin Base Foundation, and set with a light layer Powder Foundation.  My eyes were made up with Resolute Liquid Metal on the lid, topped with Savage Eye Shadow - along with Wolf Eye Shadow in the crease, blended out with Furore Pure Pigment - this created a softer neutral crease with a very bright pop of purple on the lid - a look Janelle had discussed with me the week prior.  The eyes were lined with Wisdom Precision Ink (with a little Glister Precision Ink in the inner corners), finished off with Masquara, and brows lightly filled with Motto Eye Brow Cake.  She applied some Zygomatic Cream Blusher to my lips, which I then ended up adding to with some Artifice Sheer Lipgloss later while playing more with the Illamasqua range.

I ended up purchasing most of the products used: Hollow Cream Pigment; Zygomatic Cream Blusher; Powder Foundation in shade PF140; Resolute Liquid Metal; Wolf Eye Shadow; Furore Pure Pigment; and Glister Precision Ink.  I also purchased Obsidian Eye Shadow, Artifice Sheer Lip Gloss, and the Empower Eye Shadow palette that Janelle used on me during my first visit to Illamasqua, from the Generation Q campaign.  I also scored a free Repulse Intense Lipgloss!!

Again, I left the Illamasqua counter a very happy customer!!

The haul...

Product Pictures

Empower Palette - Eye Shadows in Synth, Fervent and Blink, with Liquid Metal in Slick.

Cream Blusher in Zygomatic - Naked Pink Brown

Liquid Metal in Resolute - Metallic Ruby

Pure Pigment in Furore - Champagne Peach Shimmer

Precision Ink in Glister - Opalescent Nude

Eye Shadow in Obsidian - Rich Black

Eye Shadow in Wolf - Matte Rich Chocolate Brown

Sheer Lipgloss in Artifice - Nude Pink

Cream Pigment in Hollow - Toffee

Powder Foundation in PF140

Intense Lipgloss in Repulse - Pure Black

I plan on booking a makeup session with one of the other girls at my local Illamasqua counter in the near future as Janelle tells me her staff are talented artists that can push my boundaries even further.  I am also very interested in the Sophie-I technique, and one of the Sophie pencils is on my Illamasqua shopping list.

In the meantime, I plan to stop by in the next few days to pick up a few more goodies as Myer have Illamasqua on sale right now.

I am also considering an Illamasqua brush collection - the Illamasqua synthetic brushes are impressive!!

I hope to review and swatch everything as time permits.  The Empower Palette is first up on my to do list!!  I am also going to see if I get some pictures and swatches of the Complement Palette, also from the Generation Q release.

Thank you for looking!!

Bern x


  1. Hellooo there!
    Did I just spot the word Sale???

    Do you know what others are on sale other than their illuminator?

    Oh and, gorgeous haul! I see that you fancy black lipsticks, interesting :D
    Zygo look more beige ish in your picture bern!
    I'm also eyeing their highlight brush, but it's pretty pricey for synthetic brush though :o

    What do you think about their powder foundation and liquid foundation?

    xxx Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen! xo
      Thank you - this post is a week late, but better late than never!!
      I'm still practicing my photography and getting colours to be accurate - it is difficult with my laptop, because of the screen angle. I need to either get a new laptop (so I can connect to my LCD TV via HDMI to do edits) or get a monitor to link up to my computer.
      I find the colour of Zygomatic shifts more neutral depending on the light though.
      The brushes have dropped quite a bit in price - they are very well constructed and thought out for synthetics, which is what has gotten my attention. I have a full set of synthetics for my mineral MU - but my 'regular' makeup brush collection is devoid of synthetics. Illamasqua may fill that gap!
      The Powder Foundation is lovely - it is very fine and easy to work with. I was very happy with how it looked on my face in store. I have yet to properly play with it at home!!
      Their Skin Base liquid is what was used on me - I have yet to make up my mind on this. I have heard mixed reviews about it - but those who do love it, really LOVE it! It does have a very nice texture and finish to it - my skin is finnicky with liquids - my only concern was its longevity in my T zone.
      As for the sale - I am stopping by today to ask! I only saw the advertising last night, so need to find out more!

    2. Hi Bern!
      Oh right it has been a week, I didn't realize it's been that long... haha
      nah it's perfectly fiine! :)
      sounds like getting monitor is cheaper/easier!

      All synthetics for mineral MU? any reason for that?
      I'm quite sold by their Gleam / highlight video and the guy was using the Blending brush, I might check them out!
      Also wanna try their skin base, it contains silicone though.
      I'm also going to Illa this afternoon afterwork to check out the sale! :D


    3. I prefer synthetics for MMU simply because good synthetics are less scratchy, which is important for the work required to apply MMU :) applying MMU with natural hair can cause irritation to the skin, sadly.
      I need to watch that video! I haven't done it yet!
      As for Skin Base... most modern foundations are chock full of silicones lovely. Sad but true :( do you need a silicone free recommentation?
      And, I have details on the sale... let me know if you went and if you got anything! I shall post details of the sale on Facebook when I get a chance :D

    4. Hi love!
      I went to Illa last night to try on the Skin Base, I really do like it.
      BUTs! They don't do sample - although the SA said he could give me some if I bring a small jar. He used the foundation on my chin, but after few hours that night and this morning I got some pimples on that spot!! :(
      I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, cause I don't usually get zits on the chin.

      I'm not willing to give up on it yet though cause I like the finish.
      Will come back with an empty jar!
      I saw some eyeshadows and pigments on sale... But didn't get a close look at them.. pleaaase let me know what else is on sale :D

      About MMU, is it really that hard to pack on mineral foundation to your face that using natural hairs (that are sometimes scratchy) would irritate your skin?
      I've never used MMU before so I haz no idea!

      xoxo Ellen

    5. Hmm, proceed with caution with the Skin Base then - do get a sample pot. Most counters don't have samples to give out, but I find most counters are helpful if you take your own pot in :)
      As for the Illamasqua sale - I just uploaded some information onto my Facebook page!
      Re: MMU, no it isn't that hard to pack it on as you say, but it does/can require more buffing into the skin. Buffing the skin can irritate it, as you can imagine. This is more likely to occur with natural hair brushes - some people believe they have an intolerance to bismuth (which is in a lot of mineral makeup formulas) when in fact they may have just over-buffed their skin with a natural hair brush. A good quality synthetic is less likely to irritate.
      I personally prefer to apply my MMU with a disc sponge anyway, then finish off with a brush, to minimise any chance of irritation. I too have been a victim of my own over buffing with natural brushes - I have the most beautiful squirrel hair kabuki set that I used to use for MMU, and sure enough, I ended up with an itchy, irritated nose and cheeks. Switched to synthetics - problem solved.

  2. What a great haul! Hope you enjoy everything!

    1. Thank you Mariella dear!!!
      I am really falling hard for Illamasqua. So very impressed with everything thus far!
      I am returning on Monday for another makeup session and to get some pics of the Complement palette :)

  3. Fabulous haul doll :) I wish I had an Illamasqua counter anywhere near me so I could go and have a play.

    Can't wait to see further posts on what else you pick up xx

    1. Hi lovely!!!
      Thank you! I am so happy with ALL of it!
      I shall be buying more Illa on Monday... so stay tuned!