Friday, 28 September 2012

A quick look at the new Burberry Lip Velvets

Following on from my review of Burberry Hawthorn Berry Lip Velvet, I finally returned to Burberry to get better quality pictures of the entire range of Lip Velvet shades.

There are twelve shades in the Lip Velvet range, with a further three shades to be released in the near future.

The new Lip Velvets have been released at select Burberry counters this week in the US.  The official launch date for Australia is October 1.

301 Pink Apricot
302 Peony Rose
303 Antique Pink
304 Redwood
305 Honey Suckle
306 Pink Amber
307 Rose Pink
308 Pink Azalea
309 Fuchsia Pink
310 Military Red
311 Bright Poppy
312 Hawthorn Berry

Product Pictures


I was also able to see the face chart with details of the lip colour used in the Burberry Lip Velvet promotional campaign...
Image courtesy of Burberry
According to the face chart, the colour used in the promotional campaign is #308 Pink Azalea, over Bright Plum Lip Pencil.  I am planning on returning to Burberry once the Lip Velvet testers are in, so I can play with this combination and see for myself!

I have since purchased #311 Bright Poppy, and plan on reviewing this as soon as I have some decent sunlight in Melbourne.

In the meantime, the beautiful Miss Panties has reviewed #308 Pink Azalea,and the delightful Xiao of Messy Wands has swatches of all twelve shades.

I have yet to obtain details on the three additional shades, however, one of them is supposed to be Siren Red, as seen here at the Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 runway shows...
Image courtesy of Burberry

Thanks for looking!

Bern x


  1. I always drool at that packaging. So pretty! Bright Poppy seems like a great pick Bern! I can't wait to see swatches of it.

    1. The new Velvet packaging is fantastic - no fingerprint issues! And it is non reflective as well!
      Bright Poppy is VIVID! I have taken my first round of pics, and tried out the lipstick - I have yet to do swatches though. So far, the texture is nicer than Hawthorn Berry, and it applied a lot easier and more evenly. I'm still a bit on the fence about the colour though. But, the review will hopefully be complete soon!

  2. Oh gosh they're so pretty, I'm drawn to pink azalea and fuchsia pink like a moth to a flame :)

    I really need to just bite the bullet and try some Burberry, your pictures, reviews and swatches are only pushing me ever closer.

    Thanks for this hun xx

    1. Anytime!!
      Brace yourself... I have MANY more Burberry posts in the works!!
      I think Pink Azalea would look amazing on you :D
      Fucshia Pink will too!!